About Us

WELCOME TO THE FINE ARTS SOCIETY - Where dreams turn to reality

It all began as a dream in 1962 when a team of selfless volunteers in Chembur got together on 26th January, Republic Day and decided to start a cultural society for the promotion of our rich classical music, dance and drama and to organise programmes by eminent artistes for the public. This dream turned to reality when a temporary office was set up in a small garage at 15th road in Chembur, Mumbai. A beginning was made when the first programme successfully took shape a year later.

Activities grew steadily then onwards and soon shamianas were erected at the Gandhi maidan in Chembur for monthly programmes. So popular were the programmes that this prompted the first ever Annual Festival of Music, Dance and Drama which was held to packed audiences in the year 1964.

Small humble beginnings carved a niche in the cultural scene and activities grew manifold and so did the dreams of the organisers sowing the seed for the foundation stone of the imposing structure of The Fine Arts Society as it stands today.

The society's membership swelled and so did it's stature. This fuelled the ambition of the organisers who kept pace with the growth and thus was born the dream of having an auditorium exclusively to cater to the cultural needs of the rasikas in Mumbai .

A modern deluxe airconditioned auditorium with 1295 seating capacity was built with latest acoustics, every seat a VIP seat with a spacious 43 X 32 feet stage much to the delight of the performers and the public. Two level green rooms with lift to facilitate easy access. One of the finest auditorium in the suburbs of Mumbai, this was made possible thanks to a significant contribution from the Transworld Group of Companies. The Auditorium has been named after its late founder Mr Sivaswamy as Sivaswamy auditorium.

The FAS slowly but steadily attracted the attention of topmost professionals and corporates in the country to lend a helping hand and this saw FAS grow by leaps and bounds to the height it has reached today. Corporates, sponsors, generous donors and well wishers came forward to be a part of the FAS family and participate in its enviable growth.

FAS today has a community hall, mini auditorium, dance studio, concert chamber room, Experience centre to cater to the varied requirements of the general public.

The FAS thanks their major sponsors like Mr Shridhar, RCF, Transworld Group of Companies for contributing generously in catapulting FAS to becoming one of the premier cultural centres in India.

As FAS grew so did its dreams and its Music school took wings. Student strength spiralled - today we have around 1350 students learning various Indian classical art forms. FINE ARTS ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DANCE today is a prestigious temple of learning shaping future artistes. Today we are the pioneers in spreading our culture by way of our OUTREACH events and becoming fully digitalised to impart training to a large number of students globally.

Eminent artistes have graced our prestigious premises with their divine performances. Leading corporate heads have presided over our festivals . Every citizen of India and the Indian diaspora have contributed to the growth of our facility.

. We sincerely thank all of them and look forward to their continuous support.

There is much more to achieve, more dreams to realise, more youngsters to be made a part of our organisation, more young minds to nurture, more rasikas and well wishers to support us in our determination and passionate journey to scale greater heights.